In Flow.

You know something has got to change because you are feeling...

Physically Exhausted

Mentally Burnt Out

Emotionally Drained

Hi, I'm Narinder

I support individuals just like you to navigate the ups and downs of life with simple, powerful tools to enable you to relax, feel better emotionally, transform beliefs that get in the way of your brilliance and create more of the experiences you want.  

I know what it’s like to feel like I’m barely surviving. After reaching the point of burnout, breakdown and illness during my teaching career and feeling like I was constantly fighting fires in my personal life, I knew there was a better way.

 Being on my knees, physically and emotionally exhausted and 2 stones heavier after an underactive thyroid, I began exploring a more holistic way of life and greater balance. The tools and techniques that supported me, eventually enabled me to support my clients after training as a Holistic Practitioner.

Then there was another big turning point when I became a Trainer in The Balance Procedure in 2012. This transformational energy/relaxation technique catapulted things further for me. It led to me eventually publishing a best -selling book to support others on their journey and to create Wellbeing Programmes which received Local Authority backing.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.  

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 "It’s improved my confidence and given me a can do attitude. It’s been very empowering for me. I am now able to relax and can support others in my work teaching children with a clear mind and calming influence

Clair Atkins

 "I feel calm and now have techniques to deal with anxiety and stress. My anxiety has now lessened and is near to zero. It has kept me positive and upbeat while stuck at home during lockdown. The most enjoyable and interesting part for me was The Balance Procedure as I felt its power during our session. I really loved the meditations too." 

Kelly Cantlin

After Narinder’s sessions I am happy to have rediscovered guided meditation. I have attempted meditation on and off over the years without any consistency. Now I am practising every day and am happy to have taken that step again. Thank you Narinder for your ongoing guidance and encouragement. 

Manjula Pankhania

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"I know that you already know what a powerful, unique and beautiful being you are although you may not always allow yourself to be. I know because I made a full time job of getting in my own way and went from burnout and breakdown to sharing the transformational tools that I am so passionate about because of the impact they had on me. It’s truly heart opening for me to be able to share with you simple, powerful tools to relax, get in your flow, feel better emotionally, transform beliefs so that you can shine brighter and create more of the experiences you truly want and love."
Narinder Moore